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Warm edge spacer bar

Truemei Warm Edge Spacers, divided into composite series, fiberglass reinforced series, and stainless steel fire-resistant series. For storage, it should be placed in a well-ventilated, clean, and dry environment, avoiding high temperature and high humidity. lt must be stacked in an orderly manner. it is strictly forbidden to contact with grease, acid, alkali, and other materials. Sunlight, rain, impact, and squeeze shall all be avoided during transportation. Excessive bending and severe vibration shall also be avoided.

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Composite series

Truemei composite series, produced with introduced international cutting-edge equipment, using imported medical-grade raw materials (high flame-retardant and high insulation polymer material-AGR) and stainless steel materials, composited through cold and hot co-extrusion process.

Excellent flame retardant, anti-condensation and anti-ultraviolet performance
Excellent performance of low thermal conductivity and thus high thermal insulation
High-efficiency sound insulation and noise reduction performance
Aesthetic visual effect
Green and energy-saving

Glass fiber reinforced series

Truemei glass fiber reinforced series uses modified Pp polymer thermal insulation material as the main raw material, adds glass fiber and other required stabilizers, and is equipped with high-insulation PET thermal insulation film. Formed by an extrusion process, the product has abundant tube shapes to choose from and can be tailor-made according to one-to-one services.

Environmentally friendly and energy-saving, with high economic benefits
Low thermal conductivity, effectively reducing U value
Resistant to high temperature and not easy to deform
Easy to process and easy to use
Good air-tightness and water-tightness
Good weather resistance
Free of metal materials and good insulation performance

Stainless steel refractory series

The stainless steel warm-edge spacer is made of a unique metal material. lt is a high-performance glass spacer product that improves the edge and overall performance of the glass.
Truemei stainless steel refractory series is closer to composite warm edge spacer in thermal insulation performance, which can effectively reduce the equivalent thermal conductivity of glass. Our company uses laser spot welding technology to provide customers with the best quality products.

Excellent fire resistance, the melting point of stainless steel is 1500°C
Flexible and easy to bend and can be made into any shape
Good compatibility with glue and does not react with glass coating
High argon retention rate, effectively improving the performance of insulating glass and its service life

Warm edge spacer bar Frequently Asked Questions

What is a warm edge spacer bar?

The warm edge spacer bar is an advanced insulation component used in insulating glass units (IGUs). It is made of low-conductivity materials, such as stainless steel or structural foam, encapsulated in an aluminum or plastic housing. It improves thermal performance and reduces condensation.

How does a warm edge spacer bar differ from a traditional aluminum spacer bar?

While traditional aluminum spacers primarily act as thermal bridges, warm edge spacer bars are insulated to minimize heat flow and reduce the risk of frost at the glass edges.

What are the benefits of using Truemei warm edge spacer bars?

Truemei warm edge spacer bars Strips can improve indoor comfort by increasing energy efficiency and reducing cold spots near windows compared to other companies’ products, as well as preventing condensation and mold growth, and prolonging the life of insulating glass units.

How are warm edge spacer bars installed?

Warm edge spacer bars are installed in a similar process to traditional spacer bars. They are inserted into the cavity between the glass panes during the assembly of the insulating glass unit. Specialized sealants and desiccants can be used to ensure a proper seal.

Are warm edge spacer bars compatible with different types of glazing systems?

Yes, warm edge spacer bars are designed to be compatible with various window and glazing systems, including residential, commercial, and industrial applications. They can be used with different glass types, frame materials, and insulated glass unit configurations.

What maintenance is required for warm edge spacer bars?

Regular cleaning of the glass surfaces and periodic inspection of the sealant integrity are recommended. If any damage or condensation issues are observed, prompt repair or replacement may be necessary.