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Why choose Truemei’s black warm edge spacer?

Warm edge spacer is a one-piece profile made of composite material and stainless steel, which is used to fill the desiccant, isolate the original piece of insulating glass, and play the role of supporting the insulating glass spacer, and its purpose is to achieve the function of heat preservation and noise reduction.

Outstanding performance
Truemei warm edge spacer has excellent high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, low thermal conductivity, has more excellent thermal and acoustic performance, can effectively reduce indoor energy loss, reduce carbon emissions, energy saving and environmental protection and can greatly reduce the possibility of insulating glass condensation.

Second, excellent quality
Truemei warm edge spacer is made of high-quality PP or PVC and high-quality stainless steel, extruded through several advanced processes, with high integrality, strong stability, excellent support, high pore permeability, which can better maintain the activity of the hollow molecular sieve; it is not easy to be deformed and cracked, and the bending effect is excellent, beautiful and generous, with a long service life.

Complete specifications
As a source manufacturer, Truemei has advanced production line of warm edge spacer, producing PP type and PVC type warm edge spacer, with complete specifications, corresponding specifications of the corner and other accessories, which can provide one-stop purchasing convenience for customers.

Service Guarantee
Truemei was founded in 2012, as a one-stop supplier of high-performance insulating glass materials, has a professional and mature service system, able to provide customers with a full range of products, technology, services and other system solutions, has an efficient three-dimensional quality monitoring system, logistics tracking service!

Good products speak with quality, not all warm edge strips are the true meaning of warm edge spacer, so when purchasing you must carefully identify!

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