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What is used as the secondary sealant for insulating glass?

Insulating glass is constructed from raw glass, aluminum spacer bar, molecular sieve, with two sealant packages and cavity filled with inert gas. As the preferred product for environmentally friendly building windows and doors, insulating glass has excellent insulation and noise reduction properties. Each selection of insulating glass is critical to the overall quality, so what is used as the last layer of protection of insulating glass secondary sealant?

Currently on the market more common as a secondary sealant insulating glass sealant silicone sealant, polysulfide sealant, polyurethane sealant, three kinds of sealant application in the insulating glass on the effect there are some differences, mainly because of its different performance characteristics:

Silicone sealant in the weathering performance, operating temperature range, water absorption, aging resistance and other aspects of the performance is better than the remaining two, the overall performance of the insulating glass to maintain and extend the service life of the more favorable, is currently the most widely used and the most widely used secondary sealant.

Silicone sealant performance but does not mean that all silicone sealant are winners, in order to reduce production costs, some businesses will add cheap white oil in silicone sealant instead of silicone oil, which will make the sealing sealant greatly reduced, will also have a negative impact on the first butyl sealant, fogging problems, and even cause insulating glass sealing failure, sliding piece.

So choose high quality silicone sealant without white oil is the way to ensure the performance and life of insulating glass. When you buy more attention, encounter too cheap try to avoid, do not understand the quality of the case can do some related to the white oil test, the best way to choose a large factory has a guarantee of silicone sealant.

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