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Black silicone sealant as the second sealant for insulating glass

Insulating glass sealant for insulating glass quality and life plays a decisive role in the impact of the sealant if there are quality problems, will be directly related to the safety of insulating glass. Therefore, the selection of the second sealant must pay special attention, otherwise it will cause the following problems:

1. poor quality sealant in use will be due to volatilization or incompatibility with other sealants, cracking, air leakage and other problems, resulting in the loss of insulating glass function, there will be fogging, condensation and other phenomena, so that the premature failure of insulating glass, affecting the service life and sense of experience.
2. poor strength or poor adhesive properties of the sealant in use may appear shedding problems, resulting in serious safety hazards, such as the application of the sealant in the curtain wall and other scenarios, the need to use better mechanical properties of the structural sealant, in order to ensure that in the long-term impact of the outside world can still maintain the adhesive force should be to avoid safety problems.

We need to pay attention to the following aspects when selecting the second sealant for insulating glass:

First, according to the relevant specification selection

For example, hidden frame curtain wall, semi-hidden frame curtain wall of insulating glass second sealant must be selected silicone structural sealant, and the size should be based on the “Technical Specification for Glass Curtain Wall Engineering” for calculation.
Point-supported glass curtain wall of insulating glass two sealant must be selected silicone structural sealant; large-size open-frame curtain wall of insulating glass two sealant recommended selection of black silicone structural adhesive; doors, windows and ordinary open-frame curtain wall with insulating glass two sealant can be selected silicone sealant, polysulfide sealant or polyurethane sealant for insulating glass.

Second, do not choose the sealant containing white oil

With the increasingly fierce competition in the market, some manufacturers in order to reduce production costs, the sealant will be filled with cheap white oil as a plasticizer, cheap “oil-filled glue” behind a series of hidden dangers, will seriously affect the quality of insulating glass, so be sure to carefully identify and avoid.

Third, try to choose the same manufacturer of the two rubber

The same factory produced two sealant, compatibility is stronger, can greatly avoid problems in the use of both, and subsequent problems can be more timely and accurate traceability, through the manufacturer’s technical support to solve the problem more efficiently.

Fourth, choose a high degree of credibility, perfect service brands

Product service and protection is also part of the quality assessment, choose the source factory, such as Truemei, can ensure the quality of the sealant and the stability of the subsequent supply of materials, high-quality service is to help solve a lot of problems about the subsequent receipt, construction, etc., to enhance production efficiency.

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