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Five steps to produce high-quality insulating glass

Insulating glass is currently one of the most common door and window materials, since its application, it has been through a double-glass, simple double-glass, handmade single sealing, double sealing, and composite sealant tape type hollow form of production changes, the level of production technology and quality level has also made a qualitative leap.
Currently on the market in the mainstream production of the form of groove aluminum double sealing, composite sealing tape type, the main application of raw materials, including: glass, aluminum, insertion angle, butyl sealant, organic silicone sealant, desiccant, composite sealing tape and so on. According to the characteristics of the materials, Truemei has divided the production of high-quality insulating glass into five steps.

Selection of Glass

The raw glass for manufacturing insulating glass includes: colorless float glass, coated glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, etc. The use of ordinary flat glass should be avoided in the production, because its transparency and strength are not up to the appropriate standards. Different batches of glass from different manufacturers should first be checked for color difference before cutting, once the batches are found to be different, it is recommended to make color difference correction in time. Glass cutting size should be strictly enforced according to the requirements of the drawings, while the construction should pay attention to the glass surface cleanliness, no scratches, bubbles and other obvious defects.

Selection of aluminum bars and pins

Aluminum insulating glass spacer with high-frequency welding and warm edge of the strip, high-frequency welding is generally made of high-quality virgin aluminum, warm edge is made of PP / PVC and stainless steel composite, the latter sound insulation and thermal insulation effect is better, according to the application requirements to choose. Both are also divided into bending and non-bending two kinds, according to the application of aesthetic needs to decide.
Aluminum spacer thickness should meet the appropriate standards, and uniform, not easy to deformation, cracking, hole through the uniform. Aluminum spacer needs to be decontaminated to keep clean and free of grease, using the bending process, we must choose high thickness, toughness of the aluminum, thus improving the utilization rate of aluminum. The size and specification of the pins should be exactly the same with the aluminum bar, and it is strictly prohibited to use the aluminum bar size and model without matching with the pins!

Selection of desiccant

Currently the most widely used insulating glass desiccant on the market mainly has three types: one is the volatile matter absorption capacity is better; the second is the lowest adsorption of inert gases; the third is the ordinary molecular sieve.
Production should be based on the characteristics of other materials to choose the appropriate molecular sieve, while the molecular sieve should also have a suitable particle size (1-1.5mm) and hardness. In addition, the environment of molecular sieve filling and construction should be dry, and filling and closing should be carried out within 1.5 hours to ensure molecular sieve adsorption. Insulating glass molecular sieve quality will be directly related to the final adsorption effect of insulating glass, it is recommended to use high quality 3A molecular sieve.

Selection of sealant

Sealant for insulating glass is divided into two channels, the first channel for the hot melt butyl sealant, the second channel for the two component silicone sealant, high-quality sealing of insulating glass in the two are indispensable.
Hot melt butyl sealant is the first sealing of aluminum strip insulating glass, with a very low water vapor transmission rate (the lowest in the insulating glass sealant), high viscosity, is the most effective barrier between the side of the aluminum strip and the glass to prevent water vapor, but it needs to be heated by a special machine, pressurized, extruded and coated on both sides of the aluminum strip.
Due to the different quality of various manufacturers of rubber, its heating temperature, pressure are not the same, which requires users to choose a good quality products, such as heat loss standard must meet the national standards, specific gravity of light, large volume of rubber will be more save glue.
Two-component silicone sealant has structure, aging resistance and UV resistance, but its weakness is the high water vapor transmission rate. Therefore, it is necessary to use butyl sealant to do the first sealing, and silicone sealant as the second sealing, while as far as possible to ensure that butyl sealant and silicone sealant is a unified manufacturer, to avoid the problem of incompatibility between the two.

Selection of composite sealing tape

sealant tape is a set of support skeleton (wavy aluminum tape), sealing (butyl glue), drying (desiccant) in one of the insulating glass raw materials. Its biggest advantage is the simple operation process, less waste of raw materials, less personnel, low management costs, good operating environment. The disadvantage is that the sealant tape absorbs moisture slowly, there must be special equipment, and the current sealant tape by the production limitations of higher prices. Composite sealing tape selection, to consider the surface finish, the quality of aluminum tape, glue content, viscosity moderate.
A good insulating glass can provide consumers with a truly comfortable experience, but also for manufacturers to avoid the cost of after-sales maintenance, so the production process, the choice of materials must be strict and professional, if you have not found a reliable material manufacturers, you can come to consult Truemei.

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