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How to deal with insulating glass fogging?

Insulating glass fogging has been a very headache, especially in the case of large temperature differences in winter, such problems are endless, then how to deal with insulating glass fogging?

First look at the glass fogging is what causes, if the glass is cracked into the water, you need to find a professional builder to reinstall the glass.

If it is because of the poor installation process of the glass window, resulting in the sealant cracking, causing water vapor into the insulating glass cavity phenomenon, as the temperature rises, the water vapor evaporation, in contact with the double glass, the phenomenon of small droplets of water, the need to install a glass gasket on the double glass, or re-replace the sealant.

If the water vapor phenomenon caused by temperature difference, it is recommended to open the window to ventilate, so that the temperature difference is not too large, until the glass of water vapor dissipation and then close the window, the temperature difference between the region can choose to use the high-performance warm edge strips of the glass, you can narrow the temperature difference transfer, reduce the probability of fogging caused by such reasons.

If the fogging is serious, and for a long time can not disappear, that the glass has deteriorated, but also cause corrosion of the aluminum bar, can not be cleaned, this situation can only be replaced with new insulating glass.

Insulating glass in general is not fogging, it is likely to be in the installation is not a good job of sealing work caused by this situation can be fogged glass unloaded, check the aluminum spacer on the butyl sealant is coated evenly, whether the sealant is intact, if it is a sealing problem can be re-glued.

Insulating glass in the process of use, environmental factors, temperature changes will have a certain impact on it. If you want to avoid the emergence of fogging problems, you can install insulating glass, pay attention to the following three points:
Insulating glass filled with a sufficient amount of molecular sieve: 3a molecular sieve is a crystalline state of aluminum silicate mineral spheres, mainly used for the drying of air in the double glass interlayer, the amount of its filling should be more than 80% to ensure good adsorption effect.
Glass filled with inert gas: filling inert gas, such as argon, etc., can enhance the insulation performance of insulating glass, reduce the possibility of glass condensation, but also enhance the thermal insulation effect of the glass.

Double insulating glass coated seal: The synthetic quality of insulating glass is determined by applying butyl sealant before the laminated glass. Therefore, in the production process should be strictly controlled, the use of two high-quality compatible sealant tightly combined to eliminate the leakage of coating, broken glue phenomenon and negligent sealing.

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