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How to identify whether the silicone sealant for insulating glass contains white oil?

With the increasing production of insulating glass, insulating glass materials factory competition is also more intense, in the product at the same time, there is no lack of some material manufacturers in order to reduce the cost of using “white oil” instead of silicone polymers, the filling of this cheap white oil, the insulating glass is a hundred evils and no good. How to identify whether the silicone sealant for insulating glass contains white oil?

Hazards of silicone sealant containing white oil

Embrittlement and cracking

White oil has a low molecular weight and will gradually evaporate or ooze out of the silicone sealant over time, losing its plasticising effect, leading to an increase in the hardness of the silicone sealant, brittleness and cracking, making the sealant lose its sealing effect, and in serious cases, causing the glass slide to fall off, which is a serious safety hazard.

Dissolve butyl sealant

White oil volatilisation will penetrate into the butyl sealant, dissolving it and causing oil flow. This is because the main component of butyl sealant is polyisobutylene, which has similar polarity with white oil. According to the principle of similar solubility, white oil is a good solvent for butyl sealant, and the melting of butyl sealant with running oil means the failure of insulating glass!

Pollution of facades

If the silicone sealant applied to the stone curtain wall contains white oil will cause the stone surface pollution, difficult to clean and repair, only to replace the stone again, resulting in a waste of resources and cost damage.

Identify silicone sealant for insulating glass containing white oil method

Film method

Need to use a slightly thick polyethylene plastic film, the silicone sealant mixed evenly coated in the film scraping, wait for a period of time, if the film becomes uneven, it indicates that the silicone sealant contains white oil.

Look at the appearance

If the colour of the silicone sealant is too bright, it is possible that it is mixed with white oil, so you need to pay more attention to it.

Instrumental analysis method

This method requires the use of professional equipment, GB/T 31851-2015 “Test method for alkane plasticizer in structural silicone sealants” gives the thermogravimetric analysis and infrared spectroscopy analysis methods, the conditions can be compared to the analysis.

“Butyl sealant” dissolution method

Silicone sealant containing white oil will make butyl sealant dissolved, you can take butyl sealant into the silicone sealant, if the butyl sealant dissolution phenomenon, it shows that the sealant contains white oil.

The quality of raw materials directly determines the quality of the product, so we must take precautions, choose the raw materials do not step on the pit, in order to produce a peace of mind to rest assured that the product.

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