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How to produce insulating glass?

1. Fold the aluminum spacer into a frame, ensuring that the aluminum frame is smaller than the glass size, leaving a sufficient depth for the sealant, typically between 5-8mm.

2. Fill with molecular sieve, ensuring that the amount of molecular sieve filled into the folded aluminum spacer is 80%of the two edges.

3. Apply primary butyl sealant, ensuring that the application is uniform to achieve a good sealing effect.

4. Wash the glass panes, placing the glass on a glass washing machine to clean thoroughly.

5. Bond the frame. Apply the primary butyl sealant to the aluminum spacer and bond it to the first piece of glass, then bond the second piece of glass to the other side of the aluminum spacer.

6. Press the glass panes. Transfer the glass to a glass pressing machine, adjust the time and pressure, and press the glass panes.

7. Apply silicone sealant, which can be done by an automatic sealant machine or manually. Once the silicone sealant is applied, the insulated glass unit is completed.

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