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Why does drumming occur in hot melt sealant construction?

In spring and summer, the temperature difference between day and night is often large. In the aluminum curtain wall application, hot melt sealant is prone to drumming phenomenon, the main reason is that in the low-temperature environment, hot melt sealant curing speed slows down, the surface curing depth of the time required will be longer, in the hot melt sealant surface has not been cured to a sufficient depth, if the glue joints of the width of the change (which is usually due to the panel of the thermal expansion and contraction of cold caused by the larger, the glue joints on the surface will be affected by the phenomenon of unevenness, we become “drumming”. We call this “bulging”.

Hot Melt Sealant Drumming Solution

It is difficult to avoid drumming at low temperatures, especially under extreme application conditions with large temperature differences and low humidity. If drumming still occurs, we recommend one or more of the following methods of application:

Gluing at the right time

Choosing the right time to glue can improve the drumming phenomenon (after the panel has been exposed to the sun). Do not glue construction when the surface temperature of the panel is low, the glue is exposed to sunlight within a short period of time, the panel is subjected to thermal expansion and extrusion of the glue joints, the glue joints are prone to bulging. Reasonable arrangement of construction time, if the next day is cloudy, the same day to catch the construction time, because cloudy day and night temperature difference is small, the glue seam deformation is small, not easy to occur drumming phenomenon.


Adopt appropriate shading measures, such as using dust nets to cover the scaffolding, so that the panel is not directly exposed to sunlight, reduce the temperature of the panel, and reduce the deformation of the joints caused by the temperature difference.

Secondary gluing

If the above two methods are unable to solve the drumming situation, you can use the secondary gluing method (i.e., the first time to play a recessed glue joints, to be cured for 2~3 days, with elasticity, and then play a layer of glue on its surface). This method is for the human eye easy to see the bulging glue seam, the appearance of flattening, such as the human eye is not easy to observe the bulging glue seam, can not be used to fix the flattening. It is not recommended to cut and re-glue the bulging seam.

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