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How to choose high frequency welding insulating glass aluminum spacer?

Keyword: “look”

As we all know, we must choose an aluminum spacer with good brightness, what else do we need to see besides brightness?

First look at the front of the aluminum spacer, high quality aluminum spacer surface is very glossy; and then look at the pressure line, a good aluminum spacer pressure line should be straight, the same depth; and finally look at the scratches, the aluminum spacer to take a closer look at the aluminum spacer to carefully observe the surface of the aluminum spacer whether there are scratches, scratches, the less the more beautiful the product.

Keywords: “touch”

After looking at the front, let’s touch the back. Most of the aluminum spacers produced in China are welded on the back side, so if we touch it, we will touch the welded seam on the back side. Although the treatment of the weld will not affect the quality of the product, but can see how the details of the product.
Details of good aluminum spacer, the back of the touch should be smooth, not solid, on the contrary, if the back of your touch solid, very rough, it proves that the details of this product is not very good.

Keywords: “shine”

“Shine”, this step is very critical. Aluminum spacer in the insulating glass not only plays a supporting role, it also plays a role in ventilation. Insulating glass manufacturers in the production of insulating glass will be 3a molecular sieve desiccant filling to the aluminum spacer to absorb the moisture in the insulating glass, to prevent the glass from fogging. This requires that the aluminum spacer must be ventilated, only so that the molecular sieve in the aluminum spacer can play a role.

How to test the air permeability of aluminum spacer? We put one end of the aluminum spacer with a finger plug up, open the flash of the phone or flashlight so that the aluminum spacer surface, the aluminum spacer will see the ventilation holes in the light down. Of course, if the indoor light is good, you can see it without a flashlight. But we need to add that, although the aluminum spacer requires ventilation, but it is not that the bigger the better the ventilation holes, because the molecular sieve will inevitably dust phenomenon, if the ventilation holes are too large, then the molecular sieve powder is likely to run out through the ventilation holes in the aluminum spacer, so do not blindly think that the bigger the better the ventilation holes. As long as we can ensure that the air permeability of aluminum spacer can reach 80% is enough, Truemei produces and sells aluminum spacer air permeability can reach 99%, so you can rest assured that the purchase will be made.

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