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Warm edge spacer bar for insulating glass explained

When it comes to windows for high performance windows, every detail matters. Warm edge spacer strips are needed on insulating glass, a product that many people are unfamiliar with and have never even heard of the term.

Generally the spacer strips we see on insulating glass are aluminum spacer strips, a metallic material. Metallic materials are characterized by easy thermal conductivity, which can make the glass susceptible to edge condensation. Because ordinary windows are not high performance, the occurrence of this phenomenon will not affect the window.

In some high-performance windows, the effect of aluminum spacer edge condensation on the entire window can not be ignored, in order to solve this problem, the emergence of warm-edge spacer bars. Truemei’s warm-edge spacer bars can better solve the problem of edge condensation.

Most of the warm edge spacers are non-metallic materials, and there are also composite materials, such as stainless steel and plastic composite. Do not misunderstand this composite material, because as a spacer, the basic requirement is to have a certain support for the glass, which needs a certain degree of strength, if changed to a non-metallic material, this support will be reduced. In order to take into account the performance of this composite material, metal solves the problem of support, while non-metallic solves the problem of thermal conductivity.

Foreign warm edge spacer has a strict definition, the thermal conductivity of the material must meet certain requirements, whether non-metallic materials or composite materials to meet the requirements of the spacer to be considered warm edge spacer. Part of the composite warm edge spacer is butyl rubber mixed with molecular sieves, so it can play a role in sealing the box to absorb moisture in the hollow cavity.

The number of high-performance windows on the market is not much, the current warm edge spacer use is not large, I believe that with the increase in demand for high-performance products, the use of insulating glass warm edge spacer group will be more and more.

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