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Why does hot melt butyl sealant for insulating glass break?

Butyl sealant as the first seal of insulating glass, plays a vital role, the quality of the sealant and the quality of the applying will seriously affect the performance of insulating glass, butyl sealant needs to use a professional coating machine after heating sealant on the aluminum frame, many factories feedback butyl sealant is breaking while coating, so why is this?

Improper extrusion temperature control

The control of butyl sealant extrusion temperature is very important in the extrusion process, whether the temperature control is appropriate will determine the rheological state of butyl sealant in the construction process, affecting the sealing effect of insulating glass, when the extrusion temperature is too high, it will cause the butyl sealant to melt too much, no strength or even unable to form (flowing phenomenon); When the extrusion temperature is too low, the fluidity of the sealant will become worse, the machine can not squeeze out the sealant, or cause blockage, broken sealant and other problems.

Butyl sealant contains impurities

In addition to the debugging of the machine and the control of the temperature during the gluing process, the quality of butyl sealant is also an important factor affecting the fluency of the construction. If there are impurities and bubbles in the butyl sealant, it will also cause the coating is not smooth, and problems such as broken sealant and blockage will affect the construction progress.

The problem of butyl sealant breaking will not only cause a waste of material costs, but also affect the damage of the coating machine, which is a problem that has to be paid attention to, so how to avoid the phenomenon of sealant breaking?

First of all, pay attention to the temperature control of the construction, according to the extrusion temperature range provided by the manufacturer, the temperature of the general barrel is between 110-130℃, in order to make the sealant extrusion more uniform, the temperature of the head can be slightly higher, the general range is between 112-132℃.

The adjustment of temperature needs to be paid attention to step by step, and appropriate exhaust should be carried out before the sizing begins to reduce the internal air bubble and prevent the phenomenon of breaking when squeezing.

Choose high quality and reliable butyl sealant, poor quality butyl sealant will not only break the sealant in sizing, but also may have problems such as wire drawing carbonization, damage the machine, there will be a series of quality problems in the use of insulating glass, so choose a high quality butyl sealant is also the key to construction.

Each process of insulating glass should not be underestimated, and the construction of the entire sealing layer needs careful and perfect cooperation in order to produce a perfectly qualified product! We are a vertical work in insulating glass materials enterprise, if you have construction and material selection experience and problems, you can leave a message to share with Truemei!

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